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    The Gene Autry Collection (The Old Corral / Riders of the Whistling Pines) ...2 Movies on 1 Disc (DVD)

    Actors: Gene Autry
    Runtime: 70
    Language: English
    Genre: Western

    $5.99 (NEW)

    18-Movies Family Adventure Collection (Value Movie Collection) (DVD Boxsets)

    "Contains: Long Road Home Old 587: The Great Train Robbery Pets to the Rescue Little Heroes The Trackers The Legend of Wolf Mountain Time of the Wolf Pony Express Rider Tom Alone Snowbound: The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story To BRave Alaska Devil's Hill The Journey The Red Fury Captain Johnno Lost on the Barrens Rugged Gold White Fang"

    Was $14.99

    You save 17%

    $12.49 (NEW)

    10-Movie Deadly Affairs (Value Movie Collection) (DVD)

    "Contains the following movies: Winter of Frozen Dreams Circle of Deceit They Shoot Divas, Don't They? An Unfinished Affair Face of Evil Primal Secrets Home for the Holidays Memor Circle of Deceit After discovering her husband's infidelity, Terry fakes her own death and devises a way for him to finally get what he deserves. They Shoot Divas, Don't They? Jenny infiltrates the inner circle of rock star Sloan McBride (Jennifer Beals), but after a string of strange accidents, Sloan fears that Jenny may be far from her number one fan. An Unfinished Affair A brief and steamy tryst between married professor Alex Connor and seductive student Sheila turns treacherous when he breaks it off. Face of Evil When 20-year-old Darcy Palmer kills Brianne Dwyer and assumes her identity, no one on campus is safe…

    Was $14.99

    You save 47%

    $7.99 (NEW)

    8-Movie Kid s Big Escape (Value Movie Collection)(Boxset) (DVD Boxsets)

    "Over 11 hours of family entertainment - 8 great movies: Askari Pets to the Rescue Two Bits & Pepper Quest Beyond Time The Great Elephant Escape Old 587: The Great Train Robbery The Adventures of Ragtime Ransom of Red Chief"

    Was $14.99

    You save 47%

    $7.99 (NEW)

    15-Movie (Adventures Of Bailey / Pets To The Rescue ....... A 2nd Chance / The Journey) (DVD Boxsets)

    "Adventures of Bailey: The Lost Puppy Pets to the Rescue Little Heroes The Adventures of Ragtime Tom Alone Lost in the Barrens Walking Thunder Captains Courageous White Fang (3 episodes) The Old Curiosity Shop Harley's Hill A 2nd Chance The Journey"

    $9.99 (NEW)

    4-Films Family Collection (Featuring: Tiger)(Movie Value Collection) (DVD)

    …question until he meets Tiger. UNDERCOVER KIDS A group of super smart, supernaturally-powered students with a knack for solving crimes take on a case of school vandalism. THE GHOST CLUB A team of amateur ghost hunters face their most difficult case yet as they investigate a haunting legend. THE LAST GREAT RIDE Ian spends his summer befriending a loveable recluse (Ernest Borgnine) and helping the old man save his home from the hands of the slimy Jimmy Murano."

    Was $14.99

    You save 47%

    $7.99 (NEW)

    The Mega Movie Collection - 8 Feature Films (Boxset) (DVD Boxsets)

    "Feature Films 1.Wedding Crashers 2.No Country For Old Men 3.Hot Fuzz 4.In Bruges 5.Kill Bill-Vol.1 6.Semi-Pro 7.Sin City 8.Bad Santa"

    Was $49.99

    You save 28%

    $35.99 (NEW)

    Jonah - A VeggieTales Movie (2 Disc Collector's Edition) (DVD)

    "'After a heated battle with a clothesline, a pair of boxer shorts and, porcupines, Bob the Tomato and the Veggie kids find themselves at an old, rundown seafood joint where nothing is quite as it seems. Here they encounter ''The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything,'' known for being the laziest bunch of scalawags and the biggest root beer consumers to 'never' sail the Seven Seas. As Bob and the kids settle in, and wait for a tow truck to help get their van back on the road, these curious Pirates share a little story about a guy named Jonah, a mailman of sorts whose messages come straight from God.'"

    $4.99 (NEW)

    The Order (Van Damme) (DVD)

    "Jean-Claude Van Damme may never have risen to the top ranks of action stars, but his movies have been consistently enjoyable--partly because they don't take themselves too seriously. In The Order, Van Damme plays a thief of religious artifacts whose archeologist father has found the lost scripture of a mysterious religious order. When the old man is kidnapped, Van Damme soon finds himself cruising around the twisty streets of Jerusalem, getting into dynamic kickboxing battles while disguised as a Hasidic Jew. With the help of a beautiful Israeli cop (Sofia Milos), Van Damme uncovers a plot within the religious order that leads to secret catacombs beneath the holy city. Silly? Perhaps, but directed with vitality and surprising wit. Van Damme is trim and energetic, Milos is engaging, and a cameo…

    $5.49 (NEW)

    The Hammer (Adam Carolla) (DVD)

    …Carolla (The Man Show, The Adam Carolla Show) steps into the ring for this hilariously entertaining sports comedy. Carolla, a real-life former Golden Gloves slugger, plays Jerry ''The Hammer'' Ferro, a 40-year-old boxing washout turned construction worker. When a top trainer spots Jerry's still-lethal left hook, he gets a surprise shot at glory in the U.S. Olympic trials. But will his smartass attitude get him thrown off the team? Co-starring Heather Juergensen (Kissing Jessica Stein) and Constance Zimmer (Entourage), THE HAMMER is ''a terrific little film'' (Richard Roeper, At the Movies with Ebert & Roeper).'"

    $9.99 (NEW)

    Road to Avonlea - The complete Third and Fourth volumes (Boxset) (DVD Boxsets)

    …Rebels 33. A Dark and Stormy Night 34. Friend and Relations 35. Vows of Silence Disc 4: 36. After the Honeymoon 37. The Courting of Hetty King 38. High Society 39. Old Friends, Old Wounds Road to Avonlea Volume 4 -------------------------- Disc 1: ------- Episode 40: TUG OF WAR Disc 2 ------- Episode 41: LADY AND THE BLADE Episode 42: INCIDENT AT VERNON RIVER Episode 43: EVELYN Episode 44: MOVING ON Disc 3 ------- Episode 45: BOYS WILL BE BOYS Episode 46: THE DINNER Episode 47: HEIRS AND GRACES Episode 48: HEARTS AND FLOWERS Disc 4 ------ Episode 49: FELICITY'S PERFECT BEAU Episode 50: THE DISAPPEARANCE Episode 51: HOME MOVIE Episode 52: HEARTH AND HOME "

    $105.99 (USED)

    Rango (Bilingual Cover) (Nintendo WII)

    …little lizard is ready for action and it's action he'll encounter when aliens threaten abduction, rogue rodents are let loose and other wacky mishaps ensue. Can the sheriff shoot 'em up, brawl the bad guys and save the day? - Blaze your guns in old-fashioned Wild West shootouts against hordes of hostile rodents. - Meet gossipy mariachi birds, gangs of wild rabbits and more in the colorful town of Dirt. - Live out the thrills and spills of the hilarious, action-packed new Wild West movie starring Johnny Depp and directed by Gore Verbinski. - Patrol the old west town of Dirt as Rango, the pint-sized sheriff with a heroic sense of adventure and a big reputation to uphold. - Play through the outlandish Tall Tales of Adventure and perform exhilarating feats to uncover a sinister alien plot that threatens…

    Was $29.99

    You save 63%

    $10.99 (NEW)

    The Twilight Saga - Eclipse (Special Edition) (Bilingual )(Blu-ray) (Blu-ray)

    …the better man for her. (In one hilarious scene where Bella's freezing and only Jacob has the lupine body heat to warm her, he looks over at Edward and cracks, 'I am hotter than you.' Go Team Jacob!) But there's more at the heart of the triangle than love: Bella, against Edward's warnings, doesn't want to grow older than him and would willingly give up contact with her parents, the chance to grow old with children, and more to be turned into a bloodthirsty vampire. (Jacob's trump card is that Bella wouldn't have to give up her mortality to be with him.) But the unfolding of this love triangle is even clumsier than it was on the page; you're never really convinced Bella has romantic feelings for Jacob, even during their climactic kiss on top of the mountain. This is likely to confuse non-readers…

    $6.99 (NEW)

    The Thief Lord (DVD)

    …Harry Potter series brings the beloved characters of prize- winning novelist Cornelia Funke to dazzling life. After their mother dies, two boys flee their mean aunt and head for Venice, Italy, where they meet Scipio, the mysterious 'Thief Lord.' Along with a small band of abandoned kids who call an old movie theater home, the boys join Scipio's world of robbing the rich to support themselves. Soon, they win the heart of the detective hired to track them, and begin an adventure that leads them to an old merry-go-round believed to have special powers. Featuring Vanessa Redgrave and a captivating supporting cast, The Thief Lord will steal your heart from beginning to end."

    $6.99 (NEW)

    Going My Way / Holiday Inn (Double Feature) (DVD)

    …fund and whether he'll get a chance to see his old mother back in Ireland before she dies. One would have to have a heart of stone not to be won over by this charmer, with a lovely ending guaranteed to make you bawl for a week. Holiday Inn This perennial, Christmas-season favorite from 1942 teamed Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire as entertainers (and rival suitors of Marjorie Reynolds) running an inn that is only open on holidays. It's a great excuse for lots of singing and dancing, seamlessly wrapped in a catchy story, and Astaire's frequent director Mark Sandrich (Top Hat, Shall We Dance) doesn't let us down. The Irving Berlin numbers (each one connected to a different holiday) are winners, with Crosby's warm performance of 'White Christmas' a movie touchstone."

    $9.49 (NEW)

    Family Adventures - Limited Edition (Boxset) (DVD Boxsets)

    "Movie time is family time with this 8-MOVIE COLLECTION. Kids and grownips alike will love the magical musical versions of two old favorites. Heidi has new adventures in New York City, Zorro saves the peasants, and seven orphans survive a 2000-mile journey. Peter Sellers, Burl Ives, Van Johnson, and Will Geer star in films that will make the whole family want to get together! --------------------------------------- Disc 1: -Silence -Seven Alone Disc 2: -Alice's Adventures in Wonderland -The New Adventures of Heidi Disc 3: -The Pickle Goes In The Middle -The Missouri Traveler Disc 4: -The Pied Piper of Hamelin -Zorro "

    $14.99 (NEW)

    Sing Along Songs - The Bare Necessities - The Jungle Book (DVD)

    "Professor Owl and Jiminy Cricket take you to a Sing-Along with some memorable Disney characters as you read the on-screen lyrics. Each Disney song is featured through a movie clip from The Jungle Book, The Mickey Mouse Club, Cinderella, Old Yeller, Figaro And Cleo, Winnie The Pooh, Dumbo, The Aristocats, and Summer Magic"

    $7.49 (NEW)

    R.L. Stine's Haunting Hour - Don't Think About It (Full Screen) (DVD)

    "For 13-year-old goth girl Cassie, fitting into a new school and neighborhood isn't easy, but she entertains herself by playing pranks on the 'popular' kids and her little brother, Max. As Halloween approaches, Cassie's search for scares leads her to a mysterious Halloween store and an unusual book called The Evil Thing. When Max begs her to read the book to him, Cassie finally gives in, ignoring the warning 'Do Not Read Aloud.' But it's when they get to the last page of the book and its clear warning about the Evil Thing - 'Don't Think About It' - that the spooky adventure really begins. Starring Emily Osment and Cody Linley of Hannah Montana, Brittany Elizabeth Curran of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and the quintessential movie villain, SAW's Tobin Bell, R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour…

    $5.49 (NEW)

    My Boss s Daughter (The Uncensored Version)(bilingual) (DVD)

    "'Sizzling hot Ashton Kutcher and sexy Tara Reid star in the outrageous comedy from the director of SCARY MOVIE 3 and in the irreverent style of OLD SCHOOL and AMERICAN PIE! When ambitious junior executive Tom Stansfield accepts an invitation to the stately home of his grouchy boss, he thinks it's for a big date with his boss's sexy daughter. But Tom gets a big surprise when he's expected to house-sit! And while he's left to hold down the fort, Tom's out-of-control coworkers begin showing up eady to party!'"

    Was $19.99

    You save 70%

    $5.99 (NEW)

    Highlander 3 - The Sorcerer (DVD)

    "The third Highlander movie takes place at 1994, which means it's a prequel of the second film. After the death of his beloved wife Heather some centuries ago, Connor MacLeod left the highlands of Scotland and wandered around the world. Finally, he got to Japan, where he met the famous sorcerer Nakano, who was an Immortal too. Soon, they became friends, and Nakano taught Conor some tricks. But one day, an old enemy, Kane, came to Japan willing to find Nakano's cave and kill him. Although he succeeded, after cutting Nakano's head the mountain collapsed and Kane was trapped. Now, centuries after, an excavation reveals Nakano's cave..."

    Was $19.99

    You save 60%

    $7.99 (NEW)

    The Spy Next Door (Bilingual) (DVD)

    …Chan stars as Bob Ho, an international spy on loan to the CIA who gives up his job in hopes of leading a so-called normal life with his next-door-neighbor girlfriend and her rambunctious brood. There's nothing in Spy that the audience hasn't seen before from similarly themed incarnations think The Pacifier, but, fans will appreciate director Brian Levant's homage to Jackie Chan's past Hong Kong movie blockbusters -- most notably, Police Story and The Legend of Drunken Master -- during the opening credit sequence, which is fitting considering many of the action sequences are derivative of those films. The main story centers on Bob's relationship with artsy single mom Gillian Amber Valletta and her three kids: precocious teenage stepdaughter Farren Madeline Carroll, nerdy middle child Ian Will…

    $5.99 (NEW)

    Exorcist - The Beginning (Widescreen Edition) (DVD)

    …arrival in Cairo, he is asked to travel to Kenya, a country which is in Africa. When he travels to Kenya, he finds that an excavation team has unearthed an ancient church which is several centuries old. The condition of this church is very good, despite of it's age. Merrin goes underground to view this church and is fascinated by it. Then a series of deaths amidst reports of workers going insane surface. Merrin will now find out that this excavation houses an ancient evil - so ancient that it was built even before people starting worshiping Jesus in Africa. This is the prequel to the legendary movie Exorcist, evil originates from here, which gives birth to a horror that will follow Merrin for many years to come."

    $4.99 (NEW)

    This Thing of Ours (DVD)

    …organization Nick (Provenzano) and two buddies orchestrate a complex way of skimming money off of the top of global online bank transfers via the Internet. Unfortunately they need to raise $50000 to get it off the ground and so they turn to the old-school mafia guys for the cash in the process dragging them 'kicking and screaming into the 21st century.' Naturally once the billions start piling up betrayal greed and a lot of blood and gunfire follow. The film benefits from a nicely mixed cast of fresh-picked off-the-mean-streets newcomers and familiar mob movie faces like James Caan (GODFATHER) Vincent Pastore (SOPRANOS) Frank Vincent (GOODFELLAS) and comedian Pat Cooper (ANALYZE THIS). The tough-talk dialogue is diverting with nice use of Tarantino-esque pop culture references. Provenzano infuses…

    Was $14.98

    You save 53%

    $6.99 (NEW)

    Transamerica (Widescreen Edition) (Bilingual) (DVD)

    …'fiercely funny and deeply powerful' performance (Pete Hammond, Maxim) that is 'thrilling to watch.' (A.O. Scott, The New York Times) Huffman plays Bree Osbourne, a conservative transsexual woman, who learns she is the parent of a long-lost 17-year-old son (Kevin Zegers). The wheels of fortune take Bree and son on a cross- country adventure, including a memorable visit with Bree’s parents, that will change both of their lives. A funny, touching, completely original look at the modern American family, 'TRANSAMERICA will leave you in a state of movie euphoria. It’s hilarious and deeply affecting. -Special Features: -Dolly Parton Music Video Travelin'Throgh Travelin'Throgh: Behind the Scenes - Commentary with Duncan Tucker Bloopers Reel -Conversation with Duncan Tucker and felicity Huffman Conversation…

    $5.49 (NEW)