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      Heartland - The Complete Second Season (2nd) (Bilingual) (Boxset) (DVD Boxsets)

      "Set against the stunning vistas of the Rocky Mountains, Heartland follows teenage horse whisperer Amy (Amber Marshall) through the trials and triumphs of life on a family-owned horse ranch. Contains all 18 episodes from season 2 14 2-01 014 05/Oct/08 Ghost Horse 15 2-02 015 12/Oct/08 Letting Go 16 2-03 203 19/Oct/08 Gift Horse 17 2-04 204 26/Oct/08 Dancing in the Dark 18 2-05 205 02/Nov/08 Corporate Cowgirls 19 2-06 206 09/Nov/08 Holding Fast 20 2-07 207 16/Nov/08 Sweatheart of the Rodeo 21 2-08 208 30/Nov/08 Summer's End 22 2-09 209 07/Dec/08 Showdown! 23 2-10 210 04/Jan/09 True Enough 24 2-11 211 11/Jan/09 Starstruck! 25 2-12 212 18/Jan/09 Divorce Horse 26 2-13 08/Feb/09 Seismic Shifts 27 2-14 214 15/Feb/09 Do or Die 28 2-15 215 01/Mar/09 Dark Horse 29 2-16 08/Mar/09 The Ties That Bind 30…

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      A Heartland Christmas (DVD)

      …are altered by an anonymous call about starving and abandoned horses trapped in an avalanche. Amy of course insists that they go and check the situation out. Lou is not happy, but with Amy's assurance that they'll be back in plenty of time for Christmas, she and Ty head off on the long trek to Pike River. This does not sit well with either Grandpa Jack or Amy's father, Tim. Meanwhile, back at Heartland, Malloryâ??s tacky Christmas decorations totally clash with Lou's tasteful and colour co-ordinated décor as they anxiously wait for their families to return home. And Caleb and Ashley discover you don't need expensive gifts to have the perfect Christmasâ?¦"

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      Sugar and Spice (DVD)

      "Jack (James Marsden) and Diane (Marley Shelton) were lovers, two crazy kids living in the heartlands (Gee, and John Mellencamp didn't get any writing or soundtrack credits). Diane is the airheaded captain of the cheerleading squad, who follows her through whatever she does. Jack is, of course, the football team's star quarterback. Diane comes up pregnant and the two are thrown out of their homes. They move into an apartment, where they try to live on Jack's part-time salary as a clerk at a video store. Meanwhile both continue in school - cheerleading & quarterbacking. As Diane realizes that they are not making it financially, she recruits the other cheerleaders (Mena Suvari, Rachel Blanchard, Melissa George, & Sara Marsh) to help her rob a bank. Their cheerleader oath of all for one commits…

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