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      A Heartland Christmas (DVD)

      …are altered by an anonymous call about starving and abandoned horses trapped in an avalanche. Amy of course insists that they go and check the situation out. Lou is not happy, but with Amy's assurance that they'll be back in plenty of time for Christmas, she and Ty head off on the long trek to Pike River. This does not sit well with either Grandpa Jack or Amy's father, Tim. Meanwhile, back at Heartland, Malloryâ??s tacky Christmas decorations totally clash with Lou's tasteful and colour co-ordinated décor as they anxiously wait for their families to return home. And Caleb and Ashley discover you don't need expensive gifts to have the perfect Christmasâ?¦"

      $16.99 (NEW)

      The Big One (Bilingual) (DVD)

      "'Outrageously entertaining and widely acclaimed, THE BIG ONE is more unforgettable filmmaking from America's favourite corporate avenger, Academy Award winner Michael Moore. Armed only with a camera and a sharp sense of humour. Moore is back in the nation's heartland and searching for an executive - any executive - who will respond to one tough question: If Fortune 500 companies are posting record-setting profits, why do they continue laying off thousands of workers? Looking out of the little guy with plenty of laughs along the way, Moor's howlingly funny crusade has resulted in a crowd-pleasing motion picture that's BIG entertainment fun!'"

      $7.99 (NEW)